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"This is the only way I can say something..."

Well, we all know that's not true!
You could RESPOND to reviews, or you could edit the description.
And, uh, why are you complaining?
You have one of the best scores on NG for one of the worst flashes! If that isn't someone hacking, I'm starting to get a little worried about NG. I think I'm leaving soon.

First to newgrounds,

But how long have you been working with flash?
I'm actually quite scared.


I love you for using my music.

Bphilow1 responds:

np dude it helped me out

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Really Good Game...

Helps your typing skills, ya know what I mean?

Re: just needs a little more detail

Tiger Chick, you're an idiot
"I think this is a pretty good idea because it's never been done before," Bullshit. It's been done by Nintendo, for shit's sake. "it just needs to be pulled off a little better:" Damn right.
"First off I like the whole close interactivity style where YOU move that pencil" That, may I say, draws dots. Lines would be better, and HAVE BEEN DONE! "and YOU make the drawings happen." WTF? "The two modes were also good because I went on both depending on what mood I was in;" You have strange moods. "draw mode if I was feeling creative," Creative? You couldn't be creative on that if you were Andy Warhol! "and paint mood if I was feeling relaxed and wanting to colour in between lines." Four colours, four sections. Ooh, a challenge. Get some clip art and use paint. Strawberry Cloch SHOULD NOT BE ANY ONTER COLOURS THAN THOSE HE ALREADY IS!
"I don't agree with the people who think this is bad because it's babyish," Neither do I, it's not babyish, it's boring. "I mean just because it's different it does not make it infantile." Different? It's just another Mario Paint ripoff! "I think the pencil you draw with does look a bit like a crayon" It draws like a circular stamp. "and you could probably make this an adult's thing more as well as a child's by adding very diverse colours:" High adults, maybie. "such as different shaded tones of colours, patterned colours and textures maybe?" Oh, maybie not. "The paint mode also wasn't very complex either because it didn't feel like you were painting - it felt like you had just gone onto paint on the computer and filled in spaces with colours." Clap, clap. "I didn't like this style because you should of actually been able to move the pencil around and colour whatever colours you want" But then it wouldn't be SC ant more! "- this would mean you could get a multicoloured clock" why would you WANT a multi coloured clock - HEY! YOU'RE BRITISH! YAY! Get out of my country. "instead of just clicking a space and colour coming up as there's no challenge there." There is for you.
"Lastly I just want to point out a few of the difficulties I had with this. First of all the pencil in draw mode was very hard to control as it seemed to react about 5 seconds late to my touch and it was a little jerky." What are you talking about, a car? "And second, what was with the lines you drew in draw mode? The lines came out as blobs and not 100% line; which was frustrating because it meant I had to go back and fill in those oh-so-small gaps." Bad flash, bad flash. Lines would not have been hard to do, I agree with you there.
"Overall though a nice" wait for it... "original idea" Hooray! "you have but I think this should just be the base of your flash for ideas" what does that mean? "- you should branch out from this to make a more detailed game" Game? It's a TOY! Games have aims, toys do not, like Microsoft flight sim or an Action Man "of this style. Well done!" Not.

GOD! People aren't critical enough.

Sorry. I gave it a 3. AMAZING graphics/art/muzzle flash, but then the gameplay happens. It's shitty. Move, move, click, click, click, move, click, click, move, move, click, die, damn, quit. It's boring. Other than that (the gameplay, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART), make a game with:
a) an original idea
b) good gameplay

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Pretty generic

but I can see it being played at some rave or something.

Not my thing, but yeah.

DJ-Ravecore responds:

Sorry, you don't vote because you like the style or not, you vote because of effort! >:(

I don't thank you for lowering my review score!

Nice Work.

It just needs some progression and variation and a little (lot) more attack on the melody line.

A Fitting End

In two ways. Although there's not much change since a week ago (all I noticed was that odd synth piano and the new ending, but I'm sure there was more I dodn't notice on first listen), it's still a great song.
I'm loving your year + week to finish stat - you left it alone after the first virsion for about 10 months.

Khuskan responds:

Silence you, it sounds cool when I say I have been working on it for an unbaliveably long length of time!

Anyway, they do it ALL the time in the flash portal.

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